danFirst of all try not to be too hasty. Don’t rush into a final decision. After all, the decision you come to is going to be around for a while. That said, don’t be paralyzed or afraid of the decision either. Just take your time.


One approach to making your decision is to use samples. Every paint manufacturer will sell you a sample size of the color you want to to try out. Paint a small patch of color on your wall. That way you can see how the color behaves in different light and at different times of day. You may be surprised by how the paint you thought was perfect when you first saw it in the light in the store looks completely different on the wall in your home.

Paralysis of Analysis:

for featured image 2Don’t allow the huge fan deck of colors to overwhelm you. It’s not as scary as it looks. One practical way to choose coordinating colors is to find a color that stands out to you on a single page. Since all the colors presented on a page are very similar to one another, you can try different colors without having to venture far beyond what feels comfortable.